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Home Chef

The Chef at Home of Le Muse Banqueting is an exclusive service born from the long experience for catering and restaurant services.

Our experienced team of skilled chefs and attentive waiters will offer you the chance to celebrate abirthday, an anniversary, a special occasion. To surprise those you love. To throw a party in your home and enjoy it as if you were a guest.

For all this, just contact us, invite your guests and enjoy this relaxing moment in company, we’ll take care of the rest.

A few hours before the event, our chef and our waiter, if serving, will introduce themselves and start preparing from the food to the mise en place, every detail will be taken care of and your event will be unique and flawless.

Definition of the type of event

Candlelit dinner or dinner with friends, finger food aperitif or buffet for special occasions.

Choice of menu

We offer different complete menus based on the theme of the event and the taste of your guests.

Shopping and raw materials

We do the shopping, for an excellent result we use only raw materials and freshness purchased from our trusted suppliers.

Site inspection

A few days before the established date we do a brief inspection of the kitchen and the area dedicated to the event to understand the spaces and what to bring so that everything is perfect.

le muse

Home Butler

Inside a home, each guest can be followed by a personal butler, who becomes an efficient Personal Assistant or House Manager for the guest himself or for the homeowners. The butler, man or woman, is also a precious Event Planner for organizing your receptions or private parties.

What does a home butler do?
  • Supporto nll’organizzazione dell’evento
  • Support in preparing invitations
  • Coordination of the event if in combination with the chef at home
  • Preparation of the location
  • Mise en place
  • Welcome guests
  • Table service for diners
  • Personal assistant for guests

If you are organizing an event, the butler at home is an indispensable figure to make it unique.
You will not have to worry about anything, he will take care of everything, your only task will be to entertain guests to spend an enchanting evening.

Le muse

Equipment rental

Le muse is at your disposal to advise and rent the most suitable equipment for your event. Accessories and decorations, tables and chairs, crystal, porcelain, cutlery, up to complete kitchens and outdoor furniture.

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